Mansion House Tour

Doncaster’s elegant Mansion House, a focus for civic pride, has dominated the High Street for over two hundred and fifty years. The Grade 1 listed Mansion House was built between 1745-9.

It is one of only four surviving civic Mansion Houses in the country.

  • the first was built by the corporation of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1691, but was demolished in the redevelopment of the town centre in the mid-nineteenth century
  • York began its own mansion house in 1725
  • followed by London in 1739 and finally by Bristol in 1783
  • the Bristol mansion house was built solely as a home for the mayor and the mansion houses of London and York provided accommodation for the mayor as one of their functions.

Doncaster Mansion House, however, was designed as a place for corporate entertaining and, although there were several rooms to provide living accommodation, the house was never intended as a residence for the mayor in his year of office, although a few mayors made use of the rooms for this purpose.

The Whole Mansion House Tour